Know About The Pantry Food

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Emily Myers – Marketing
Phyllis Myers – Production
Hannah Mead – 3 years old “The Boss” 
Bob Myers – Packaging
Mitch Hagerup – Financial Advisor




Production of Healthy Pantry Bars began in earnest when the labels were delivered by Crop Marks Printing. The independent designer is T J Micheal.The labels were important because they were the key to distribution within the boundaries of being a kitchen cottage industry. See the front page article in the GR Press. Each bar is carefully cut and wrapped in cellophane wrap. Bob Myers, head labeler, takes his task very seriously.

Bob says, “The labels render the bars a finished product. It’s very satisfying to package them in trendy boxes.”When something is baked and individually prepared it’s different than buying at a grocery or discount big box store. Phyllis Myers says, “The consumer is so condition with receiving goods in slick packaging with ingredients that have been processed to industry standards. Our bars are approximately 4 oz. And all of the ingredients are first quality with no preservatives.

There are also no eggs in the bars so the shelf life outside the refrigerator is longer.” Our customers value the idea that we can go back to consuming a convenience food that maintains the integrity of the healthiest real food you can get.

Healthy Pantry Bars started out as a way to make a healthy snack that could be consumed on the go.  Occasionally, when Phyllis made them for her family they were promptly carried out the door with friends and family. Emily Myers, the former manager of a downtown G.R. cafe, began distribution them among patrons.  “They were so popular that we began making and selling them by the dozen,” said Emily.  Emily also a yoga instructor, sold them to clients who were in her classes.

The bars appeal to busy moms for their convenience.  They are also part of a responsible workout by runners and athletes.  Emily says, “I usually eat 1/2 of the bar before I run and when I finish my couple of miles, I will finish the bar.  I’m replenishing my body with the energy it needs.  It tastes fantastic too.”

Guys like it because it fills them up with good thinks instead of the snack items that have empty calories.

Nutritional Information

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Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Calories 250
Total fat 15. g
Sat fat 5.4 g
Polyunsat 4.4 g
Monounsat 5.5 g
Cholesterol 10.4 mg
Sodium 54 mg
Potassium 225 mg
Total carbohydrate 34 g
Dietary fiber 5.4 g
Sugars 14 g
Protein 30.3 g
Vitamin A 3 %
Vitamin B-6 5.2 %
Vitamin E 14 %
Calcium 4 %
Copper 15.4 %
Folate 8 %
Iron 11.4 %
Magnesium 17 %
Manganese 64 %
Niacin 10 %
Pantothenic Acid 5.6 %
Phosphorus 20 %
Riboflavin 3.5 %
Thiamin 13 %
Zinc 10 %


It is recommended that the bars be stored in the freezer just to keep them as fresh as possible.  The Myers’ eat them right out of the freezer.  They taste great frozen or defrosted.  Use them when you know you’re going to have a busy day out and about or give them to your kids when you pick them up from school.  They were created to be real food for people on the go.

Opt for metal roofing

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Roofing must be quite strong and it must be done keeping in mind the weather changes. Some places are very windy and it gets difficult during some months. So, one must choose their roofing depending on the kind of place they live in. however, one thing must always be common, that is the roof must be very strong in any case. Metal roofing is quite string and beneficial.


Why is metal roofing better?

Metal roofing is better due to the following reasons:

  • Metal is very strong and it is known to stay on for longer. The metal does not break or get damaged so, it can withstand many weather conditions without having any negative effect on it.
  • It is said that a metal roof can stay for as long as 50 years. Plastic or any other type of roofing cannot stay on for that long.
  • A metal roof is fire resistant.
  • Another great benefit is that is energy efficient. So, it will keep the temperature of the house under control. Metal roofing is great for any tropical country.
  • It can easily matched or styled with the house

Buy good quality metal roof material

There are many types of metal roofs for sale in market. So, the buyer must ensure that they are buying a good quality one. A good quality roof will only add to the life of the roof. It is better to spend some more money all at once. Roof replacement in Brisbane is effective and efficient.

What Can a Property Management Agency Do for You?

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In the event that you lease various houses you will be completely mindful of what work is expected to keep up these properties. There is obviously the property that should be appropriately useful at all times, additionally the inhabitants take a touch of caring for. When one of your properties gets to be empty it should be reviewed. At that point if there is no upkeep work required it's a matter of finding another inhabitant as could be allowed. You can know about the property agency via

A decent Property Management Company takes all the worry and bother of leasing properties. At the point when the property gets to be empty they will do the review and after that do any important repairs. A few organizations offer composed quarterly investigation reports. A tolerable office will send you upkeep overhauls and keep you educated on each and every part of what the organization is accomplishing for you.

Finding the right inhabitant can be dubious yet with a property office they will publicize the property inside 24 hours, a TO LET sign will go up if suitable. They will mastermind every one of the viewings and give you a criticism report of these viewings. At that point there is the store to be gathered and the giving over of keys. This is all sorted out without you lifting a finger.

Gathering rent is another migraine for some landowners. Outsourcing rent accumulation to property administration office makes life less demanding. They will ensure your rent dependably goes ahead time and they won't clutch it. You will get your rent straight away in the bank the same time every month. 

Narrowing Down the Ideal Real Estate Agency

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Whether you are searching for property in the wide open or some colorful area, having the right property organization close by improves things greatly. Making a noteworthy speculation, for example, purchasing or offering property is an intense matter, and it can go extraordinary or there can be a few obstructions. An awesome property office will help you at all times.

With regards to picking a property office you may have a difficult, but not impossible task ahead, as this is not a simple assignment to go up against. Numerous specialists on the planet today just have a testament in the property domain however don't really have any experience. The office that you pick ought to in any event have two strong years of property experience behind them. Ensure you request that see the office's certifications. To know more about the property agancy, you can head to huahin-property-agency.

It is vital on the off chance that you are offering your property that you get the most ideal cost for your property. Take some time talking over the present property advertise and ask the property specialist what he or she supposes about posting your structure. On the off chance that the time is correct, the office will let you know that, however a respectable office will likewise let you know whether it is not a decent time to list.

Inquire as to whether there is a property lack in the group as this will demonstrate whether you can get your asking cost or not. Once more, a great operator will dependably be straightforward and forthright with you. Realize that if the present economy lies in the hands of the purchaser, you may need to change your offering value a bit. 

Hospital Grade Green Dot Cords Ensure Ultra Safe Hospitals

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Healing facilities are a spot with a ton of electronic hardware required to be utilized as a part of various segments and divisions. What's more, for these machines, an extraordinary sort of lines will do-it must be particularly sheltered and that is the reason doctor's facility grade strings are utilized as a part of such basic medicinal applications. The 'green dab' confirmation is thought to be a benchmark of wellbeing in healing center security models. Prior, medicinal necessities involving the NEMA 5-20P, NEMA 6-15P and so forth required exceptionally cumbersome shaped attachments. Be that as it may, generally, the new doctor's facility grade strings have supplanted the past framework rather proficiently. 

What is the significance of a green speck? 

Any string that is utilized as a part of a doctor's facility set up is required to have a green speck noticeably showed close to the module end of the item. The healing facility grade line means that the item being referred to is in made in adherence with the exceptionally stringent security principles of the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) detail. These prerequisites apply to different materials and developments. To cite the UL determination, it says that "all patient consideration gear must utilize power ropes with healing center evaluation connection plugs." For more information on Linvox Corporation you can check online.




Subsequently, it gets to be basic to utilize these fittings in a doctor's facility set-up to guarantee upgraded wellbeing. Be that as it may, it is not exceptionally hard to source these Hospital grade green speck lines. There are some essential components of such strings that make it simple to distinguish them when you go to buy these. Firstly, the sharp edges of the attachments are required to be delayed and ought to be made of strong metal, without collapsing. Besides, the item ought to obviously convey the green dab and ought to likewise have the words "clinic grade" engraved or carved on it. Also, with a specific end goal to guarantee establishing dependability, a strain alleviation gadget ought to be introduced within the attachment mold. This likewise guarantees any extra push to the associations is forestalled. Likewise, these items are sheltered to utilize just on the off chance that they breeze through the stringent and ruggedized tests that are performed by the UL before it at long last puts its blessing.

Refrigerators – How To Buy A Refrigerator

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The fridge is typically the most costly and every now and again went by machine in the home today. We depend on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep things frosty and crisp for our families. Whether you are looking for that first cooler to go in that new house you just purchased or supplanting an old one you have had for quite a long time, you will need to precisely consider every one of the decisions to ensure you get the ideal one for you and your family.  You can browse this online to buy a single door refrigerator.

The entire procedure can turn out to be very confounding considering coolers accessible today come in more styles, hues and sizes than any time in recent memory. Whether you settle on a customary top mount, next to each other, French entryway, or a 4 entryway icebox, the accompanying will show you precisely what you have to know so you can begin looking for that immaculate model.

The main thing you should know before you begin looking for another cooler is the span of the range where you plan to put the fridge. It is significantly more imperative to have the measurements of the space where the fridge is going to go instead of the measurements of an old model you are supplanting. The key estimations are width, tallness, and profundity. 


New Year’s Eve Survival Guide For Mobile Bartenders

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This is a late post, and New Year's Eve is QUICKLY upon us! On the off chance that you are a Mobile Bartender, I seek you have booked a gig after New Year's! This last day of the year is the ULTIMATE festival for both you and your visitors, and you are Guaranteed to profit on the off chance that you arrange your night accurately!

The following is a snappy rundown of tips and traps that my barkeeps and I use at our New Year's Events to protect achievement! You can  navigate here  for guidance of mobile bartenders.

1. Spruce Up! It's New Year's! Spruce up and look incredible. I generally get a kick out of the chance to include a senseless cap or glasses to my clothing to get in the state of mind and show everybody that I am the "Life of the Party." Everyone else will be in the temperament to gathering like there is no tomorrow, so be set up to do likewise! Wear something, globules, "2009 Glasses" or an insane cap to show you are prepared for an awesome night!

2. Bring Props! Add a little style to the night with some clamor creators, poppers and other do-fathers! Keep some for yourself, yet share the adoration and pass them out to avid visitors. At the point when that clock strikes Midnight, it will be a great deal more enjoyable to have everybody utilizing your toys and thingamabobs and even the host will welcome it! (More Tips)

3. CHARGE DOUBLE: This is my most critical tip! You should charge AT LEAST twofold your ordinary rate for New Year's Eve..your thinking: "It's New Year's!" No one needs to take a shot at this night unless it is truly justified, despite all the trouble! 

Beet The Vandel Buster Manga review

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Bôken o Beet, “Adventure King Beet”

• Riku Sanjo (story), Koji Inada (art)

• Viz (2004–ongoing) • Shueisha (Monthly Shônen Jump, 2004–ongoing)

• 12+ volumes (ongoing)

• Shônen, Fantasy, Battle

• All Ages (violence)

In a postapocalyptic fantasy world ruled by monsters called Vandels, the endlessly optimistic young Beet becomes a Vandel Buster, a sort of paid Vandel assassin. He sets out to destroy all the Vandels in the world, accumulating teammates along the way. In Japan, creators Sanjo and Inada are best known for Dai’s Great Adventure, a manga based on the Dragon Quest video game series, and Beet also reads like a role-playing game come to life. Busters get points for destroying Vandels and other monsters, and everyone’s strength is judged by their “Levels.” Bright, energetic artwork, a cheerful tone, and a focus on character development make Beet a bit better than most manga of this type. The Vandels are actually more interesting characters than the humans. The Viz edition censors some of the PG dialogue; most notably, a dirty-minded pilot’s desire to grope girls’ breasts is downgraded to wanting kisses. 


Because of his family’s debts to the church, Taki becomes the servant of Shikimi, a priest. By day he does tons of chores—but by night he and Shikimi head out to the graveyard to fight the walking dead!

Pest Infestation Management in Brisbane, Southside

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Controlling infestation of pests is very important, especially before they cause hefty damages to your premise and assets. In case of an invasion, certain primary actions are commendable to avert heavy losses and complications. Annual inspection of your property, whether residential or commercial, is highly recommended as an approach to control and protect your assets.

If you are looking for pest control in Brisbane Southside, you will definitely get a number of experienced professionals who provide custom-made pest management program to meet your requirements. They have fully qualified, licensed and skilled workforce who will inspect your property to identify your needs and apply specific methods to eradicate and protect your assets from all kinds of pests. They offer highly effective chemical pest control methods depending on your needs. But, if you are allergic to chemical pesticides, they have the option of exterminating pests using extremely effectual organic and natural pest control techniques as well.

Courtesy: Servefacilitymanagement

Some services offered by pest control services in Brisbane Southside are as follows:

1. Inspection to identify pest infestation in various types of properties.

2. Providing preventive treatments for termite invasions as well as treating termite infested part of your property as per Australian Guidelines.

3. Inspections of properties to look for pest invasion before you purchase them.

4. Overall pest treatment and control in pest-affected premises, using either chemical or natural treatment methods based on your choice.

Therefore, these professional services provide guaranteed pest control, protecting properties and families.

Sleeping Is Vital To Control Diabetes

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If I do not sleep well I won't unable to make do with my pain. Based on this complaint, new research from the University of Warwick shows the manner chronic pain patients think about sleep and pain results in sleeplessness and poor management of pain.

Researchers from the Sleep and Pain Lab in the Department of Psychology have attested that ailments like back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis are directly linked with negative ideas about insomnia and pain, and this can be efficiently managed by cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).

The results demonstrate that the scale was vital in predicting patients' amount of insomnia and pain difficulties. With better sleep, pain difficulties are significantly reduced, particularly after receiving a short course of CBT for insomnia and pain.

The study has supplied therapists the means with which to identify and track rigid thoughts about pain and sleep that are sleep-hindering, enabling the use of the proven successful CBT for insomnia in people who have persistent pain.

Esther Afolalu describes: "Current psychological treatments for chronic pain have usually focused on pain management and a lesser emphasis on slumber but there exists a recent interest in developing therapies to handle both pain and sleep issues simultaneously. This scale provides a valuable clinical tool to assess and monitor treatment progress during these treatments."

"Ideas can have a direct and/or indirect impact on our emotion, behavior and even physiology. The way can be influenced by the manner how we think about sleep and its interaction how we cope with pain and manage sleeplessness. Depending on clinical expertise, whilst a few of these beliefs are healthy and useful, others are misinformed and rigid. You can get the extract of the full article at diabetes forums

Pros and Cons of Joint Ventures

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The term Joint endeavor gets its root from two distinct words i.e. joint which implies consolidated and wander which implies undertaking a danger. Along these lines, in a layman's dialect, it implies undertaking an unsafe errand or business together.

Going to the specialized significance of joint wander that is utilized as a part of the corporate world, JV implies a consolidated legally binding business assertion between two or more gatherings that has been shaped by commitment of value by the gatherings.

This is a sort of agreement course of action. In a JV understanding, the gatherings bear the dangers together as well as they share the benefits moreover. For the most part, joint endeavor understandings are for a limited timeframe. Anybody can be a gathering to a JV assertion for e.g. people, government, and privately owned businesses.

There are different sorts of joint endeavor assertions for e.g. joint endeavor can be for a particular objective or joint endeavor for a particular day and age. Additionally, a joint endeavor understanding can be gone into in any structure for e.g. as a LLP or organizations and so on with the necessity being there ought to be two or more than two gatherings to the assertion. You can also look for government contracts by clicking right over here.

The joint endeavor assertion which is gone into for a particular design is for the most part alluded to as consortium.