Know About The Pantry Food



Emily Myers – Marketing
Phyllis Myers – Production
Hannah Mead – 3 years old “The Boss” 
Bob Myers – Packaging
Mitch Hagerup – Financial Advisor




Production of Healthy Pantry Bars began in earnest when the labels were delivered by Crop Marks Printing. The independent designer is T J Micheal.The labels were important because they were the key to distribution within the boundaries of being a kitchen cottage industry. See the front page article in the GR Press. Each bar is carefully cut and wrapped in cellophane wrap. Bob Myers, head labeler, takes his task very seriously.

Bob says, “The labels render the bars a finished product. It’s very satisfying to package them in trendy boxes.”When something is baked and individually prepared it’s different than buying at a grocery or discount big box store. Phyllis Myers says, “The consumer is so condition with receiving goods in slick packaging with ingredients that have been processed to industry standards. Our bars are approximately 4 oz. And all of the ingredients are first quality with no preservatives.

There are also no eggs in the bars so the shelf life outside the refrigerator is longer.” Our customers value the idea that we can go back to consuming a convenience food that maintains the integrity of the healthiest real food you can get.

Healthy Pantry Bars started out as a way to make a healthy snack that could be consumed on the go.  Occasionally, when Phyllis made them for her family they were promptly carried out the door with friends and family. Emily Myers, the former manager of a downtown G.R. cafe, began distribution them among patrons.  “They were so popular that we began making and selling them by the dozen,” said Emily.  Emily also a yoga instructor, sold them to clients who were in her classes.

The bars appeal to busy moms for their convenience.  They are also part of a responsible workout by runners and athletes.  Emily says, “I usually eat 1/2 of the bar before I run and when I finish my couple of miles, I will finish the bar.  I’m replenishing my body with the energy it needs.  It tastes fantastic too.”

Guys like it because it fills them up with good thinks instead of the snack items that have empty calories.

Nutritional Information

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Calories 250
Total fat 15. g
Sat fat 5.4 g
Polyunsat 4.4 g
Monounsat 5.5 g
Cholesterol 10.4 mg
Sodium 54 mg
Potassium 225 mg
Total carbohydrate 34 g
Dietary fiber 5.4 g
Sugars 14 g
Protein 30.3 g
Vitamin A 3 %
Vitamin B-6 5.2 %
Vitamin E 14 %
Calcium 4 %
Copper 15.4 %
Folate 8 %
Iron 11.4 %
Magnesium 17 %
Manganese 64 %
Niacin 10 %
Pantothenic Acid 5.6 %
Phosphorus 20 %
Riboflavin 3.5 %
Thiamin 13 %
Zinc 10 %


It is recommended that the bars be stored in the freezer just to keep them as fresh as possible.  The Myers’ eat them right out of the freezer.  They taste great frozen or defrosted.  Use them when you know you’re going to have a busy day out and about or give them to your kids when you pick them up from school.  They were created to be real food for people on the go.

Choosing an Engagement Ring – How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Buying jewelry can be a difficult task for many as it is a great often pricey venture. However, one type of diamond jewelry item which takes quite a lot of consideration in the purchase is the engagement ring.

Not only is this particular item pricier than many of the other jewelry items within the consumer market these days nonetheless it is sentimental in nature also. There are a few tips to be aware of to enable one to find the right engagement ring for themselves or a close relative.

The Need for Consideration When Buying an Gemstone

Before providing tips on how to choose the best type of engagement ring, it is important to learn why this purchase should not be taken lightly. The major reason for buying an engagement ring is to express one's love and devotion to an alternative. It is the first step to start with of a new life for that couple and the significance behind the diamond engagement ring is often much more important as opposed to composition of the wedding ring itself. Therefore when embarking within this important shopping trip keep in mind that the ring will be described as a daily reminder of one's love for another. You can also choose eternitybyyoni ring for your engagement.

Shopping Alone or While using Ring Recipient

One thing you must consider before heading out to the store is whether you need to surprise your spouse to be with the engagement ring or if you would like them to choose the ring with you.

know more about Massage Schools

Massage therapy continuing education is very important in the professional field of your Massage Therapist. Continue your education periodically with certified classes created to increase your knowledge in regards to the body and its muscle tissues. There are many different classes to choose to make your career in massage therapists.  Classes include: Connective Tissues Manipulation, healthcare advancement therapy, traditional Thailand massage therapy etc. To know about best massage schools browse instituteofeastwestwellness to get good education.

Connective Tissue Manipulation is an important part of massage carrying on with education. There are techniques that you'll learn as you further your education that will aid to alleviate many problems for people and help you've got a better understanding as these systems come together.

Medical advancement therapy is very important especially if you work in a doctor or chiropractor's office. This is about the doctor and treatment working together to benefit the sufferer. Tui-Na is really a western alternative technique applying two hands to force and manipulate muscles.

Additional programs many times helpful would be a great aromatherapy certificate. Aromatherapy works together with massage, treating the liver. It is gaining popularity each day for mothers to find alternative routes for labor and delivery of these babies, with massage therapy being a very beneficial treatment for the kids.

Vintage Eyewear – Hottest Styles

There are many brands that sell the popular accessory of eyewear. People wear these for the sake of fashion and also protection, which is why everyone has a need to purchase eyewear. One of the popular eyewear is 50s vintage eyewear.

Many people who don glasses, even reading spectacles, like to make a fashion statement using their eyewear. This is easy to do when you choose to buy vintage eyewear. Eyeglasses have gone as a result of quite a change with regards to lenses over the years. One of the hottest styles right this moment is 50s vintage eyewear.

This is a style that is hot for both women and men. In the 1950s, men who wore spectacles wore thicker and wider frames than is now currently popular. This style came on vogue in the 1990s for a short period of time and is now in vogue again. The key distinction between the 50s vintage eyewear for men is the bridge is thicker than the eyeglasses that were favored inside the 1990s. You can explore classicspecs to see some of the popular options.

When it located eyeglasses for women, the cat glasses were hot nevertheless are. In recent years, the cat glasses, that had an exceptionally sharp slant to these that arched upwards with the ends of each shape, have once again become completely in vogue. These eyeglasses often even feature rhinestones or other gems to make them even stand out and about more. You can locate these cat glass structures as reading glasses or maybe for everyday eyeglasses. They are the most requested with regards to 50s vintage eyewear.

Shih Tzu-The adorable dogs

For anyone who is thinking about buying a Shih Tzu puppy – congratulations! This adorable and loyal dog will become an important and treasured part of your family. The Shih Tzu is a toy dog who is characterized by the proud, sturdy and miniature stature. This dog breed is amongst the most popular of the smaller breeds. But did you know it was originally bred to look as a lion? For more relevant information about shih-Tzu, you can head to shihtzuweb.

The Shih Tzu's regal attitude is because of its long and distinguished heritage. Recent DNA testing has established what researchers already suspected – the Shih Tzu is amongst the oldest breeds of dog. The name comes from that will of Xi Shi who is regarded among the most beautiful women in historic China.

The earliest history in the Shih Tzu dates back quite a few centuries. The Buddhist monks bred what exactly is now believed was a cross between the Pekingese and a Tibetan dog called Llasa Apso.

The Buddhist monks ended up known for breeding special temple dogs. These monks bred special "palace dogs" for various emperors. As was their custom they sent most of what they then called this Tibetan Shih Tzu Kou or Tibetan Lion Dogs towards the Tzu Hsi – the Empress in the Manchu Dynasty. She fell in love with her little dogs and they became common around the palace after that.

Important Service of Automotive Body Repair

In case of any collision and auto body repairing, you want the best auto servicing center for your vehicle. Your repairing might include painting, windshield, alignment, replacement of any part etc. In this case you can consult your friends, neighbors or any member who know about the best repairing center. You can even visit online to know best body repair centers. To hire best repair service visit  colorrecon online.

Many DIY products out available for windshield repair; but in some cases the damage on the glass requires replacement. There are many specialized service shops offering windshield repair and replacement, replacing windshields is a part of auto body repair services. The skills and knowledge had to replace a windshield are without a doubt there, as are the linkages to windshield suppliers. It may turn out being an important profit center for that business.

Many car owners want enough to find out that extensive damage requires substitution glass. They also know that this job is the most suitable for skilled professionals as botched jobs can lead to a leaky windshield or stimulate wind noise at highway rates of speed. A resulting rollover may truly crush the roof as modern day windshield installations use this component in a car's crash protection attribute. If insurance investigators discover this kind of defective repair, you may even get yourself a claim denial.

Guide to Online Shopping Website Usability and Functionability


Today online shopping have become very popular and there are numerous number of online shopping websites available to you from where you can buy anything you require whether it can be a home product or baby products. Online shopping websites offer you various discounts on their items and products and you can pay them through the transaction system they use. You can shop for home and office items from seroyamart at affordable prices.

There's no rocket science in actually making an online website a success, but there are ways for you to create an online shopping website that can guide you to it.

Website Usability and Functionality is Important

The loading time of the website should be not more than 4-6 seconds. If you want your customers to be happy then the usability and functionality of the website should be good.

Improve Website Navigation

You must give proper attention to website’s navigation system. Call to action images, buttons, and links should be visible enough on the first page of the website because they capture website leads.

The website navigation menu should also be visible and functional. The best way to organize a navigation menu is to categorize or sort the different areas of the website. Popular examples are Home, About Us, Products and Services, FAQ, and Contact Us Page. Under the Products and Services tab may contain sub categories. Everything should be sorted and organized in a nice manner for the satisfaction of your customers.


Places You Should Visit in Caribbeans

Thinking about visiting Caribbean this vacation? Here are few places that you should definitely visit:

1) St. Kitts

Saint Kitts is admired by people due to its natural beauty, clear cry and white sandy beaches. Additionally it is a very popular destination for marriage. People here are friendly and there are numerous resorts and hotels where you can stay as long as you want to. In fact, you can book a hotel room or a farmhouse online via bellemont farm website.

2) Aruba

Aruba also offers beautiful beaches but along with that you could also enjoy adventure activities along with lively clubs. The island provides the reputation for offering the best places for indulging in just offshore activities. The place is secure for families, though lodging might be expensive. Therefore, plan beforehand.

3) Cayman Hawaiian islands

These are among the most picturesque Islands, providing exceptionally remarkable diving sites. This group of islands offers some very affordable hotels. Strike a good deal and get the most from it by spending your occasion on white beaches with clear water at a reasonable budget.

4) Barbados

Other than your customary Caribbean luxuries like beach locations, lavish resorts and golf courses, Barbados also lets the people enjoy different experiences. Not sure how you need the bittersweet taste of Mount Gay Rum but you should try it once. You may also choose to go for horse races or dance at night to the tunes of any calypso, during your stay in this article.

Technologies used in Manufacture of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are used to enhance security in most places. They can also be used to switch the lights on and off automatically. When choosing among the many motions sensors, you will be required to consider a number of technologies and weigh between their pros and cons. You can also get the California ADT Pulse to make your home more secure and keep away the thieves. These technologies of motion sensors are best used in different areas.

There is the infrared technology.  These sensors are able to work by sensing the movement of a person’s body heat. These are therefore suitable for enclosed areas such as an office. Another technology is the ultrasonic sensor which sends low frequency sounds and anything that obstructs the sound does activate the sensor. There are those sensors that are made in dual technology. This means that they combine both the infrared and the ultrasonic technologies. The dual technology enables the sensor to reduce chances of false trigger when there is nothing or nobody in the space. This technology however may cost a little more and so limit its use to those who have some extra coin to spare. You should therefore consider the size of your pocket to help make the right choice.

Guesthouses And Holiday Rentals In Thailand

Phuket in Thailand is a major holiday destination and there are various kinds of accommodation from which travelers can easily choose. This article provides advice and information on all of the different types of accommodation which can be purchased.

Holiday Rentals

There are many villas and apartments for rent in most the major beach areas. If you are interested in privacy and luxurious accommodation then a holiday rental could be the right choice for you. To book a holiday rental in Thailand, contact furnishedrentals. There are various villas with private swimming regularly for rent for both short periods along with long term rentals. These type of holiday rentals as especially popular with large families as a number of these villas offer three of four bedrooms along with fully stocked kitchens.


There are hundreds of Phuket guesthouses spread all over the island. If you are traveling on a budget then this kind of accommodation could be ideal. Most guesthouses offer spacious areas to its guests and act like the types of rooms you'd probably find at a normal lodge or resort.

Hotels and Resorts

Phuket offers numerous hotels. There are also a good amount of two and three star hotels which offer clean and comfortable rooms in affordable prices. The hotel prices also differ involving the various beach areas as accommodations in Patong beach for example will be more expensive then the hotels with Kamala Bay or Phuket Area.

Get Better Sleep! Insomnia Tips That You Must Know

Learning about sleeplessness can help you to control it. This informative article has many things that will help you learn all you ought to know about sleeplessness and the best way to fight it. Continue reading for skilled guidance on how to deal with your sleep issue.

See a sleep specialist to rule out other ailments that could be contributing to your insomnia like snoring or restless leg syndrome. Check out this video, for a natural sleep aid that you may use to keep your insomnia under control.

A lot of individuals love staying up late at night when they do not need to work. Nevertheless, sleeplessness can be caused by inconsistent sleep programs. Use an alarm to make sure you get up at a specific time every day.

You may want to change your clock to something that is less glaring on the eye if it is affecting your rest. Otherwise, you should put it somewhere that you will not see it.

The perfect amount of sleep is one that lets you awaken feeling completely refreshed.

Avoid watching TV, playing computer games or using your mobile phone late into the night. You may not be able to sleep well due to this issue.

As you can probably tell, it is possible to solve sleeplessness. You need to use the suggestions that you have read here to deal with your insomnia today.