Know About The Pantry Food

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Emily Myers – Marketing
Phyllis Myers – Production
Hannah Mead – 3 years old “The Boss” 
Bob Myers – Packaging
Mitch Hagerup – Financial Advisor




Production of Healthy Pantry Bars began in earnest when the labels were delivered by Crop Marks Printing. The independent designer is T J Micheal.The labels were important because they were the key to distribution within the boundaries of being a kitchen cottage industry. See the front page article in the GR Press. Each bar is carefully cut and wrapped in cellophane wrap. Bob Myers, head labeler, takes his task very seriously.

Bob says, “The labels render the bars a finished product. It’s very satisfying to package them in trendy boxes.”When something is baked and individually prepared it’s different than buying at a grocery or discount big box store. Phyllis Myers says, “The consumer is so condition with receiving goods in slick packaging with ingredients that have been processed to industry standards. Our bars are approximately 4 oz. And all of the ingredients are first quality with no preservatives.

There are also no eggs in the bars so the shelf life outside the refrigerator is longer.” Our customers value the idea that we can go back to consuming a convenience food that maintains the integrity of the healthiest real food you can get.

Healthy Pantry Bars started out as a way to make a healthy snack that could be consumed on the go.  Occasionally, when Phyllis made them for her family they were promptly carried out the door with friends and family. Emily Myers, the former manager of a downtown G.R. cafe, began distribution them among patrons.  “They were so popular that we began making and selling them by the dozen,” said Emily.  Emily also a yoga instructor, sold them to clients who were in her classes.

The bars appeal to busy moms for their convenience.  They are also part of a responsible workout by runners and athletes.  Emily says, “I usually eat 1/2 of the bar before I run and when I finish my couple of miles, I will finish the bar.  I’m replenishing my body with the energy it needs.  It tastes fantastic too.”

Guys like it because it fills them up with good thinks instead of the snack items that have empty calories.

Nutritional Information

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Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Calories 250
Total fat 15. g
Sat fat 5.4 g
Polyunsat 4.4 g
Monounsat 5.5 g
Cholesterol 10.4 mg
Sodium 54 mg
Potassium 225 mg
Total carbohydrate 34 g
Dietary fiber 5.4 g
Sugars 14 g
Protein 30.3 g
Vitamin A 3 %
Vitamin B-6 5.2 %
Vitamin E 14 %
Calcium 4 %
Copper 15.4 %
Folate 8 %
Iron 11.4 %
Magnesium 17 %
Manganese 64 %
Niacin 10 %
Pantothenic Acid 5.6 %
Phosphorus 20 %
Riboflavin 3.5 %
Thiamin 13 %
Zinc 10 %


It is recommended that the bars be stored in the freezer just to keep them as fresh as possible.  The Myers’ eat them right out of the freezer.  They taste great frozen or defrosted.  Use them when you know you’re going to have a busy day out and about or give them to your kids when you pick them up from school.  They were created to be real food for people on the go.

Accomplishing Targets Through Corporate Events

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Group building activities can be a capable approach to join a gathering, create qualities, and location shortcomings – however just if the activities are arranged and did deliberately. As it were, there must be a genuine reason behind your choice to do the activity – for instance, enhancing the group's critical thinking or innovativeness aptitudes – as opposed to in light of the fact that you had a craving for giving your kin a pleasant day out of the workplace.

There are truly several group building practices like gathering occasions that address an extensive variety of issues. Enhancing Communication should be possible by partitioning your gathering into sets, and have every pair sit on the floor consecutive. Give one individual in every pair a photo of a shape, and give the other individual a pencil and cushion of paper.Team building takes a shot at the same guideline. Most administrators arrangement maybe a couple occasions for each year, and that is it. Hire services online from an event planners that offers corporate get togethers in toronto

On the off chance that you lead a gathering, mean to fuse group incorporating practices with your week after week or month to month schedule. This will help everybody address their diverse issues, and it will allow them to have a fabulous time, and figure out how to trust each other – more than just here and there a year.

What are the health benefits of Spirulina?

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If health is important for you and you only take nutritious food, you should definitely know about spirulina. It is blue green algae which is spiral-shaped, due to which is it names spirulina. It is gaining more popularity worldwide because it is very healthy & nutritious food. Spirulina is considered as the health food for the future by WHO. You can choose ‘espirulina to lose weight’ (also known as ‘espirulina para bajar de peso’ in Spanish language.)

As we reach the health revolution age, more people try to understand the importance of food supplements in their daily diet. There are thousands of supplements that you can buy from health stores but you should look for 100% natural and organic health supplements.

Spirulina is rich in multivitamins & minerals. It provides the basic nutrition in case you are not able to follow a balanced diet. It is easily absorbed by our body absorption & it goes into our blood stream quickly as compared to other foods.

According to studies, 1 teaspoonful of Spirulina is similar to eating 6 carrots. Four tablets of Spirulina give the same Vitamins as 2 eggs or 2 glasses of milk or a cup of cheese. Spirulina provides more strength, stamina, better nutrients to the body. It is also considered safe for children and pregnant women.

Important Corporate Events that Require Event Planning

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The battles in the work environment are not extraordinary. Corporate life is not without rivalry and contention. However constructing solid connections is one of the keys to building an effective vocation. In this way it is important to compose occasions are corporate levels. The quick objective of sorting out a corporate occasion is to reinforce the ties between the workers and clients for long haul benefits in the business. Some of these sessions may entirely mean business.

 Nonetheless some others may include breakout sessions, group building practices or immaculate excitement. This is particularly genuine when arranging stimulation occasions. A corporate occasion dependably gets livelier when there is diversion. Visit and hire corporate entertainment in Toronto services online.

There are numerous sorts of corporate amusement occasions that can be arranged. Notwithstanding it is vital to recognize which one would suit the participants the best. Corporate excitement occasion organizers have the right arrangement of stimulation exercises. They likewise have the most captivating experts and everything from the settings to the mixed media assets and others are dealt with. Selecting the right amusement occasion, setting the right inclination and after that including all the effect components is the main key to the achievement of an excitement occasion at a corporate level.

How To Design Attractive Home Office Interior

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If you have decided to convert a small part of your home into an office, here are some things you should keep in mind the following points:

Begin by drawing up a plan on the room you want to change into your home office. Remember that a home office should have enough space to accommodate a desk, chair, computer, office supplies and other items you will need. They need to have good flooring, adequate lighting and power openings to accommodate all your needs. You can take help from websites like to know more about office interiors.

According to the size of your office space you can plan storing options in the form of shelves or even drawers. You can choose to put away the printer, wireless Internet receivers and other computer accessories in a secret cupboard to avoid the messy look of your office.

You need to buy a undisturbed and useful desk chair for your home office. You can add a sofa or extra chairs for visitors too if you have extra space after accommodating the desk and chair.

Roll-top desks will offer more storage space. Also have a proper filing cupboard for clean and systematized office space. Make sure that space planning for your home office does not affect with the general layout and look of your existing home.

Personal Trainer Studios Or Clubs

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Finding the best personal training gym which offers effective fitness coaching is a bit challenging. As we all are occupied throughout the dayit is really imporatant to carry out daily workout and we require an exercise center that can get us the best individual training for our fitness needs.

Enlisting a fitness coach is a major stride to taking fitness or weight reduction genuine. Never again are you calmly practicing at the exercise center, the utilization of a coach imply that it's the ideal opportunity for a coordinated and professionally oversaw approach. In any case, similar to all administrations, there is an unmistakable inconsistency in quality and claim to fame that will change the outcomes you see from individual instructional courses.

Are you Restless about your health and fitness?

Pick rightly trained personal trainer studios that did personal trainer certification from reputed institute and the majority of your stresses will be eliminated in a minute. A decent individual fitness coach can make your life simple, cheerful and straightforward.

It is possible that you are working in a fitness center or do workout regime at your home, direction from master mentor will help you in more than restricted. Finding master fitness coach in Canada is simple at this point. You can ask any exercise center or fitness focus to give mentors. Your fitness coach will arrange a customize fitness routine suiting your way of life.

Benefits Of Reusable Plastic Water Bottles

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There is a big difference between plastic water bottles that are bought off the stores and that cannot be used again. They are not only a hazard to the people but a major threat to the well-being of the environment. In order to ensure the complete protection of the two, several companies have taken it upon themselves to promote their brand with a message that ensures their clients how much they matter. This is done through the use of promotional plastic water bottles. Though plastic, they come in a fancy variety and can be reused. This means they are not thrown out each time their contents are emptied. Here are some of the benefits of using reusable plastic water bottles as promotional products:


  1. As it is understood with the information provided above, these water bottles are a healthier choice for both your family and for the environment.
  2. If finances are your concern, they are super cheap to product and last very long.
  3. They are free from several ingredients that are considered as cancer causing. Imagine the favor you are doing to yourself and your loved ones.
  4. The biggest benefit is that they can be reused. You cannot just toss them outside after they have been used once and this does a major benefit to the world outside.

You have to ensure that whatever you use as a promotional item is something that puts out a positive image. This kind of an item does not only help you achieve just that, it is also super cool to use.

Choose A Right School For Your Child

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Today, it’s very important to develop reading skills and learningactivities for your child. Also its important to provide the best education for your children. Moreover, if you doesn’t choose the best school for your child till now or if you don’t have set away an part in your home where your child can have their very own reading area and little person library.

This will get most all your understanding events off to a great start. Having their individual special place for reading activities will inspire the child to spend time reading. You can enhance the skills and personal attributes of your child by providing the best education to your child.

Always encourage them to initiate to find their desired spot within their area for their reading activities. Grab yourself a comfy chair and join them and you'll be astonished how much your child will want go into their reading area and have you with them for a reading session.

As its very important to provide the right education to your child. The first place to start is to writing, a functional vocational assessment. This assessment will benefit to define what particular skills that your child has, and how those skills can be used in a work setting.

The information to be collected is to include the child's work and school history, learning style, work related skills, work endurance, academics, or functional academics, and the ability to follow directions. Information that is also important is your child's communication skills, social skills, interaction skills, behavior difficulties, mobility, medical needs, fine and gross motor skills, transportation, and your child's functional skills.

Good Posture Braces Can Fix Your Neck Soreness

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Individuals who have injured their backs should depend on a posture brace in conjunction with visiting a physiotherapist to remedy their injuries. A number of posture corrector solutions are tailored as back supports or harnesses, and others can be found in the form of bras, pillows, brackets, seats, as well as fitness equipment.

The initial step in picking the best posture corrector would be to examine your daily life and habits to find what might be causing your poor posture. The most typical cause for low back pain is because of living a sedentary lifestyle and doing activities like sitting at a computer for hours on end. If this sounds like you, then your remedy is an ergonomic desk chair. This sort of seat typically features lumbar spine support along with neck support to prevent one's shoulders and neck from curving.

The most beneficial posture corrector someone can invest in is more than likely some exercise equipment. Types of exercise machines you should give consideration to getting: free weights, stability balls, and multi-purpose home gyms to keep you in top condition. The muscles most directly accountable for supporting the spine are the core muscles, and that is exactly why you should train all of them. These muscles consist of the abdominal, crotch, hip, and spinal muscles. The majority of back accidents could possibly be averted if all people exercised their core muscles regularly.

Water Activities to Enjoy in Japan

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Some of the prevalent activities are listed below:

Canoeing and kayaking:

Canoeing and kayaking are very prevalent water activities among tourists. Every year, hundreds of visitors relish canoeing and kayaking on wilderness lakes and rivers. There are not numerous rivers for canoeing in Japan, so you must need to recognize the rivers before planning canoeing. If you want to relish calm canoeing with your family, you must select Namato and Okutone lakes. As these lakes invent from numerous great dams, the river appears calm and harmless for a canoe tour.

Skilled persons can rent rafts, kayaks and canoes to relish canoeing. Generally, kayaking is accomplished on the Lake Biwa and Lake Aoki. If you need to indulge in stimulating and daring kayaking, select places adjacent to Hime River. Canoeing and kayaking activities lets you to observe the loveliness of Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Matsushima Bay. For sea kayaking, Shizuoka region is a well-known terminus. Kayaking trip persists just one day for beginners, while practiced persons can relish kayaking for more than two days.You can check over here more details about japan.

Diving and Snorkeling:

For leaping and snorkeling, southern islands of Okinawa, Ogasawara Islands and Izu Islands are prevalent terminus. As these islands have crystal clear water and reasonable climate, a great number of visitors relish jumping and snorkeling. 

How To Back Up Your Precious Digital Images?

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Digitization of cameras has rearranged how you view and save your precious memories on film. In the early times, one would need to visit a studio with the camera film to get their photographs printed. Be that as it may, now, they're available at the touch of a finger or a few clicks in the mouse. One should be cautious with their digital images. According to Hyman Rack’s Tech Blog, you could lose valuable infant pictures or photographs of a family excursion in case you are not careful about how you save or store your images and memories. In this manner, it is critical to take back-ups with a specific end goal to keep your photos safe. Plan consistent back-ups and make it a part of your schedule. Visit this site: for more information.

To help you on this part, here are two ways that can guide you on how to properly save your photographs.

Save Images To Your External Hard Drive

One of the least difficult and most pocket-accommodating approaches to save pictures is to transfer them to an external hard drive. One can back up a few pictures rapidly. There are two ways to associate an outer hard wire-USB link and Firewire. USB links are utilized all the more regularly as they are less expensive and speedier for exchanging little documents like photographs. Then again, as recommended by the experts from Hyman Rack’s Tech Blog, Firewires are favored for transferring documents like video recordings and music.

Make A Printed Version Of Your Saved Images

For critical pictures, the best reinforcement would be to get them printed and have a printed copy with you. In the event that you do lose the computerized picture, you'll have the photo and the memory of that moment safe with you. The advantage of having it printed according to Hyman Rack’s Tech Blog is that the photo can be scanned and converted into another file and secure the digital image quality of the photo.